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Do you easily blush without good reason? Are your cheeks and/or nose always flush or red? You might have a condition called rosacea. This condition makes facial veins appear more dramatic and thus you may have consistent rosy cheeks.

The good news is that this can be treated and D Luxe Lab offers some of the best, non-invasive solutions to treat rosacea!

At D Luxe Lab, you can choose between two of the most advanced treatment solutions in the industry: ICON IPL and JetPeel Transdermal Infusion. Read more to find out which one would be the right fit for you.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment in Yorkville, Toronto
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ICON IPL Treatment for Rosacea and Facial Veins

With its highly advanced and feature-rich technology, the ICON IPL treatment approach is quick, effective, and extremely safe. With the ICON IPL, you can expect:

  • Clearer skin and a more balanced complexion using ICON’s intense pulse light technology. Intense pulses of light are used to safely and effectively reduce rosacea and the visibility of facial veins
  • Final results that match your skin tone with ICON’s unique “Skintel Melanin Reader”, which tracks your skin’s average melanin density, recommending the exact treatment settings for your skin tone
  • Minimal Discomfort. Patients describe a range of sensations from tingling to the snap of a rubber band. You may also feel warmth in the area that was treated. Most patients say that these sensations are manageable and well worth the results.
  • Unique ThreeForMe™ option that targets redness, pigment, and wrinkles all in one session. We will recommend this treatment if we feel that it can benefit your needs.

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Facial Skin Treatment in Yorkville, Toronto

JetPeel Transdermal Infusion Treatment for Rosacea and Facial Veins

The true benefit of a highly advanced approach to treating Rosacea like JetPeel is how effective it can be while being completely non-invasive. JetPeel uses intense jets of liquid serum that pass through the surface skin and penetrate into the underlying layers without any breakages or downtime.

With JetPeel transdermal infusion for rosacea and facial veins, you can expect:

  • Special serum used in this technique that is designed to specifically treat Rosacea and facial veins: “Couperose & Sensitive Skin Serum”
  • Relaxing and comfortable experience that is non-invasive and is said to feel like a calming powerwash for the skin
  • Jet Boosters. Your JetPeel treatment can be enhanced with Jet Boosters, which add vital nutrients to your solution to give you the best vein reduction results
  • No Downtime. One of the best parts of JetPeel is that there is no downtime required. We will recommend the number of treatments needed to gain the most optimal vein reduction outcome

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services and team, book a free consultation today.