Stretch Mark Removal

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Stretch marks are a naturally occurring condition that often arises from pregnancy, weight change, and aging. While these blemishes can certainly be troubling, there is now hope for smoother, stretch mark-free skin! D Luxe Lab provides some of the most powerful stretch mark removal solutions in Yorkville and the greater Toronto area.

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State of the Art Technologies

For your stretch mark concerns, we’ve selected two of the most renowned technological solutions available: IPL and transdermal infusion.

IPL and Laser Stretch Mark Resurfacing

The cutting-edge Palomar Icon® is one of the most precise and adaptable IPL devices on the market, producing excellent and long-lasting improvements in the appearance of stretch marks.

IPL and laser stretch mark resurfacing in Yorkville offers:

Because of its incredible accuracy when targeting stretch marks, Icon delivers treatments that are efficient and minimize patient downtime.

Icon jumpstarts your body’s own healing properties to diminish stretch marks by delivering focused light energy that boosts elastin and collagen production in the skin.

Icon’s Skintel Melanin Reader precisely detects your unique skin tone. This incredible feature allows for the safest and most precise stretch mark removal results possible.

Your IPL Laser Stretch Mark Treatment

Icon stretch mark treatments are fast, require very little downtime, and produce the most natural-looking outcomes. They can also be performed on a variety of skin types, ages, and body areas.

While IPL and laser resurfacing cannot prevent future stretch marks, your results will be long-lasting. Your results will take effect within several weeks and continue to improve as your body heals naturally.

Transdermal Infusion

JetPeel® is a no-touch, no needle dermal infusion system that can dramatically diminish the appearance of stretch marks. This revolutionary technology infuses.

Your JetPeel Treatment Session

This method is entirely safe to target stretch marks on any area of the body. There are no needles, invasive devices, or scarring.

JetPeel requires no post-treatment downtime, and you can return to your daily routine immediately. You should see some instant improvements with full results realized in several months. You may also choose to have multiple sessions to augment your results.

Some benefits of transdermal infusion stretch mark treatments include:

Because JetPeel delivers specialized serums via high-velocity jet streams, no needle or applicator will ever need to touch your skin. Most patients agree that JetPeel is far more comfortable than other options.

JetPeel’s PRP solution painlessly delivers your body’s regenerative platelet-rich plasma to your stretch-marked skin. PRP is administered through JetPeel’s Prestige Plus handpiece, which allows for the most precise, comfortable, and effective treatments.

Boosters provide an added rejuvenation to your JetPeel treatment stretch mark treatment. In addition to JetPeel’s stretch mark reducing properties, adding boosters helps the skin to be brighter, hydrated, toned, and much more.

Stretch Mark Removal FAQ

Suitable candidates should be generally healthy, have realistic expectations, and have stretch marks on one or more areas. Our experts can give you more information in an in-depth, one-on-one assessment.

Many factors contribute to the cost of each specific treatment. Our team will be fully transparent with costs and explain the options that are the best for your needs.

Both Icon and JetPeel are outstanding stretch mark reducing methods, but neither of these treatments will prevent future stretch marks. If you are worried, our team is happy to help answer any questions on how to prevent future stretch marks.

Smooth Skin Awaits!

Our team wants you to enjoy the smooth, bright, and stretch mark-free skin you deserve. If you would like to learn more about our outstanding stretch mark removal methods, we invite you to schedule your personalized assessment with us today! Please be sure to also check out our many D Luxe face, body, and skin treatments as well.

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