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Eyelid surgery TorontoThe eyes are often the first place that signs of aging begin to appear, and drooping eyelids can often make you look older than you are. A rejuvenated eye area can make you appear younger, more awake, and refreshed. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that improves the look of the area around the eyes by removing excess skin and tissue. The experts at D Luxe Lab are excited to help you learn more about whether eyelid surgery is right for you.


Over time, a decrease in collagen and elastin production may lead to sagging eye skin. Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids to significantly improve the look of this area. If you have drooping eyelids due to aging, are unhappy with the shape or puffiness of your eyelids, or have eyelids that make you appear tired or obstruct your field of vision, the procedure could be an excellent solution for you. Eyelid surgery offers a range of benefits to patients, including:

A more youthful appearance: Eyelid surgery can help improve the look of bags and puffiness around the eyes. With a smoother eye area, you may notice you look more like a younger version of yourself.

Improved visual field in some cases: In certain cases, visual impairment can occur due to severe skin drooping around the eyelid. Eyelid surgery involves tightening this area, which can help improve your view.

Confidence boost: Feeling good about yourself often starts with your appearance. A new, wrinkle-free appearance can contribute to a positive self-image, making you feel more confident when smiling and speaking with others.

Lasting results: This procedure is a lasting solution to sagging and tired-looking eyes. While eyelid surgery cannot stop the natural process of aging, it can help you look more refreshed for longer.

Can be part of a larger treatment plan: When you visit D Luxe Lab, you may have more than one cosmetic concern. If you are considering other procedures in addition to eyelid surgery, share your goals with one of our skilled surgeons, who will advise you on possible opportunities to combine eyelid surgery with other procedures.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery and Results

Following surgery, most patients only experience minimal pain, which is well managed with medication. An iced compress following surgery can help limit swelling. Bruising typically subsides after two weeks, and you may return to work after one week. You will be provided with full aftercare instructions to help you recover as best as possible.

Your results will be long-lasting. You will continue to age as time goes on; however, you can expect to enjoy your beautiful results for a very long time — for some patients, the results last a lifetime.

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Our experienced surgeons and staff are committed to patient satisfaction. We are here to help you look and feel your best, in line with your cosmetic goals. Sagging, droopy eyelids may be naturally occurring, but that does not mean they have to be a permanent feature that you must accept. If you are ready to talk about what this surgery can do for your appearance, contact our office at (647) 660-9660 or simply submit an appointment request online.

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