Acne & Scar Treatment in Yorkville, Toronto

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Acne can be challenging to manage, especially when temporary blemishes turn into permanent acne scars. At D Luxe Lab, our specialists offer some incredible non-invasive solutions to help turn your acne and scar issues into newly restored skin.

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IPL and Laser Technology for Acne

D Luxe Lab has selected Icon®, the leading IPL and laser resurfacing device in the industry. Icon has gone above and beyond to develop the most effective solutions for acne-scarred skin and similar issues.

Icon IPL scar treatments in Yorkville offer some unique benefits, including:

Icon’s revolutionary Skintel Melanin Reader automatically tracks and suggests the best settings for your skin tone. This built-in functionality helps make treatments safe and precise, even when addressing acne-prone or scarred skin.

Icon’s hand held applicators are specially designed to target acne scars and similar textural irregularities to give you smoother and blemish-free skin.

Icon treatments generally last around 30 minutes. Because of Icon’s built-in cooling component, your treatment will be almost entirely pain-free. You should be able to see your amazing results within the first week.

Choosing Icon means your results will be long-lasting. You will see results quickly, which will continue to improve throughout a course of 1-3 treatments.

Icon’s ThreeForMe treatment is a combination procedure that targets texture, redness, and pigment all in one single session.

Acne Treatment in Yorkville, Toronto
Acne Scars Treatment Before and After Photos

JetPeel Transdermal Infusion

The JetPeel® transdermal infusion system is renowned for its innovative versatility in treating skin issues, including acne and scarring. JetPeel delivers carefully formulated serums to the skin’s sublayers to prevent acne and diminish scars and other imperfections.

JetPeel Transdermal Infusion in Yorkville, Toronto
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The benefits of JetPeel for acne and scars in Yorkville include:

JetPeel targets acne and acne scars in about 45 minutes with no incisions, no injections, and no downtime.

Effective treatment and prevention of acne are comfortable and painless with Acne Jet Solution. This serum is enriched with a combination of ingredients that rebalance the skin’s physiology for a clear, acne-free glow.

JetPeel’s Jet Boosters deliver a complementary nourishing lift in the skin’s deep layers, allowing our team to amplify the effects of your acne treatment.

In addition to its other boosters and serums, JetPeel can also use your own platelet-rich plasma (Plasma) to generate collagen production. This boosts your body’s natural healing process, which in turn can diminish acne and scarring.

Chemical Peel Benefits

Chemical peels are known to solve a variety of skin issues, including acne-scarred skin. Our experts will find the peel that best suits your concerns and will then apply it to diminish scarring and provide you with fresher and brighter looking skin.

Chemical Peels for acne scars in Yorkville offer:

Chemical peels actively remove the top layer of skin and stimulate newer, healthier skin growth underneath. The results are refreshed skin and less visible scarring.

Our team works quickly to ensure your results are even and consistent. Your overall treatment session will last roughly an hour, and you should have minimal discomfort.

Chemical peels solve skin concerns for many skin tones and types. We also offer several peel strengths and consistencies to target your unique scarring issues.

You can expect to fully heal within two weeks of your chemical peel, often much sooner. Your skin will continue to recuperate afterward, and you should be able to see steady improvements in scarring as you generate new skin.

Your Acne and Scar Treatment Journey with D Luxe Lab

D Luxe Lab strives to provide the very best non-invasive acne and scarring solutions in Yorkville. We invite you to learn for yourself why you deserve the D Luxe Experience!

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