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Rejuvenate Your Feminine Wellness
Most women of all age groups often experience vaginal laxity. This loss of tightness often weakens the pelvic wall and is unable to offer support to the Bladder and Urethral muscles. It causes bladder leakage and weakness, which can be quite embarrassing. Vaginal laxity takes place due to numerous reasons, including:

  • Trauma post vaginal childbirth
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Aging
  • Genetics

Vaginal laxity leads to sexual dysfunction and makes intimacy less pleasurable. In addition, women struggling with vaginal laxity often face problems like low self-esteem.

Vaginal Tightening Treatment Toronto

Women hesitate to discuss such concerns with the physicians and think that the surgery is the only way to tighten their vagina, which isn’t true. Professionals at D Luxe Labs understand fears experienced by women going through vaginal laxity and have introduced a vaginal tightening procedure, EMFEMME 360 treatment, that will tighten your genital area and help you enjoy the pleasure you deserve.

What is EMFEMME 360™?

EMFEMME 360 is the first FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency to tighten and lift labia folds. It also tightens the vaginal canal, thereby improving women’s health. In addition, EMFEMME 360 is safe, comfortable, and requires little downtime compared to other treatment options.

Benefits Offered by Vaginal Rejuvenation

Tightens Vaginal Structure

Vaginal Rejuvenation makes the delicate tissues of the vaginal canal tight.

Improves Sexual Satisfaction

Enhances pressure on the G-spot to give a more pleasurable experience during intercourse.

Combats Urine Incontenance

The continence issue is resolved by tightening the base of the Bladder.

Minimizes and Reverses Dryness

Comfortable Procedure

Cosmetic Body Treatment in Toronto

Vaginal tightening doesn’t involve needles and is carried out in the least time. The best thing about this procedure is that it delivers the accuracy of the hand tool. In addition, it takes advantage of the highly-intense energy that can target the inner tissues in the vagina and doesn’t damage the skin’s surface.

The Vaginal Device can treat and minimize the signs of:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Recurrent infections
  • Post Menopause Effects
  • Post Delivery Rehabilitation
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How Does EMFEMME 360™ Work?

EMFEMME 360™ works differently on the two significant parts of a women’s genital area: the vagina and the vulva.

For Vagina

Vaginal laxity takes place due to trauma or after childbirth. Women are likely to develop this issue even after having one child. EMFEMME 360™ uniformly delivers radio-frequency energy to the entire inner circumference of the treated area via an internal probe that provides a 360-degree treatment of the vaginal wall. Heat is supplied to the vaginal canal during the process as the collagen production stimulates it making the loose vagina tight.

For Vulva

During the second attachment, the vulva receives heat and stimulates collagen production. The labia skin lifts become tight, bringing back a youthful appearance. There is a third-small probe that focuses on external treatments and improves the tissue quality of the vulva.

How Long Does EMFEMME 360™ Last?


EMFEMME 360 treatment treats the heated area, and the process offers a pleasant and comfortable experience. After the treatment, you will experience redness and swelling that will go away in a few hours. One can resume normal activities after the treatment. The treatment provider at D Luxe labs will develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on your requirements. This vagina tightening treatment must be taken according to the time duration recommended by the professionals.

Best Vaginal Tightening

D Luxe Labs has become the trusted name and offers the best Vaginal tightening services in Toronto. You don’t have to worry as we devise solutions that align with your personal goals. Instead, take control of your wellness by contacting our experienced and skilled staff. You deserve the best, and we are here to give that to you!

Get your lost pre-baby body and self-esteem back!

Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQ

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Vaginal Tightening Procedure?

There are specific pre-requisites that candidates need to follow before getting into the vaginal tightening procedure. Below is the list of criteria that you need to fulfill before opting for a vaginal tightening procedure:

  • Medium to fair skin tones (Some procedures give effective results on darker skin)
  • No skin issues like Eczema or skin burns
  • No family history of Hyperpigmentation
  • Mild unwanted fat for various procedures

What’s the Appropriate Age to Start the Therapy?

Every skin would experience aging depending on factors like genetics,skin-care routines, and environmental circumstances. The vaginal laxity can happen anywhere between 30-40 years and depends on the skin quality of an individual at a particular stage. Specialists at D Luxe Labs can let you know whether your age is ideal for the treatment or not.

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