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Facial Cosmetic Procedures TorontoGetting older may be inevitable, but allowing signs of aging to settle on the face is not necessary. When evidence of sun damage, stress, genetics, and/or skin laxity become more prominent, there are many cosmetic solutions to improve the texture and vitality of the skin and features. While early signs of aging are often adequately tackled with medical spa procedures, facial plastic surgery is a more comprehensive solution for facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Basil Hassouneh and Dr. Sean Rice are leading plastic surgeons in Yorkville who combine their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy with advanced surgical techniques to create youthful, natural-looking results. At D Luxe Lab, they offer a variety of procedures like facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and brow lift. Changes achieved with facial surgery include minimizing lines and wrinkles, replenishing facial volume, restoring definition to the jawline, creating smooth neck contours, lifting drooping eyelids, and realigning a crooked or bumpy nose.

During a personalized consultation, Dr. Hassouneh and Dr. Rice listen to the patient’s concerns about their facial appearance and analyzes the texture of the skin. From there, they can recommend a customized surgical plan that best rejuvenates the face, with the goal of helping the patient achieve better facial symmetry and a more refreshed, attractive appearance. Please schedule a consultation online to meet with Dr. Hassouneh or Dr. Rice.


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