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If you have begun exploring facial rejuvenation, you know that there is no shortage of options available. Facelift is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure that helps improve the appearance of the face. But did you know that the procedure can be modified to target only specific areas? One such modification is the mini facelift, which tightens the jowls and face, giving you a more youthful appearance. The procedure, also referred to as a mini rhytidectomy, achieves this through the use of few incisions and is effective at correcting drooping facial skin.

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Is Mini Facelift Right for Me?

As with other cosmetic procedures, the best way to determine your candidacy is to consult with your skilled surgeon at D Luxe Lab. During your consultation, you will be able to share your surgical goals and expectations, as well as any concerns or specific cosmetic problem areas that you would like addressed. It may also be recommended that you combine treatments with your mini facelift to achieve the best results possible. A mini facelift is often a good option in the following cases:

  • Younger patients: Although there is no “best age” for mini facelift surgery, this procedure often appeals to those that are younger since they may not need the full correction of a traditional facelift at this time. However, each patient is different, and signs of aging can show up in unexpected ways and at inopportune times in our lives. A mini facelift can help you achieve the youthful appearance you desire.
  • Previous facelift patients: If you have already undergone a traditional facelift, you likely have enjoyed your results for a while. However, cosmetic surgery does not stop the natural aging process and you may be at a point where you need a facial rejuvenation procedure. In these cases, a mini facelift can be performed as a touch-up for individuals that have had a previous facelift.

Mini Facelift Results

Mini facelifts deliver subtle yet noticeable facial rejuvenation and may be the best choice for certain patients that do not want or have no need to undergo the standard procedure. Following surgery and your recovery, you can expect to see much less skin laxity near the jowls. You may notice a more attractive or youthful facial profile, which can offer a boost of confidence when smiling and speaking with others.

Mini Facelift at D Luxe Lab

Mini facelift surgery can provide you with the anti-aging benefits you desire. The skilled doctors at D Luxe Lab are dedicated to providing you with the care and service that keeps your safety and cosmetic goals at the forefront. Our team understands that some patients may want to have other procedures in addition to a mini facelift but are not sure about the best order to have them done. Others may have an idea of how they want to look following surgery but may not know exactly which treatment or technique can deliver those results. If you are ready to explore your facial rejuvenation options and think a mini facelift might be the procedure for you, take the next step by contacting our office for a consultation today.

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