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Brown spots and hyperpigmentation are highly common skin conditions that can stem from a variety of factors. Fortunately, D Luxe Lab offers several incredible treatment methods to alleviate these spots and provide you with even, bright, and restored skin.

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Distinguished Technologies

Our experts know that finding the best pigmentation correction solutions for a wide range of skin tones and types requires innovation, which is why we’ve hand-selected two of the most renowned technologies in the industry.

These IPL and transdermal infusion systems can drastically improve a variety of dark spots and hyperpigmentation concerns.

JetPeel Transdermal Infusion

The JetPeel® transdermal infusion system can significantly diminish dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and more with no skin contact, no needles, and no downtime.

A few of JetPeel’s key attributes are:

We can use specially formulated boosters to augment your dark spot correction results.

JetPeel offers the Prestige Plus attachment, which uses your body’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate your body’s healing process. This all-natural solution allows your body to self-correct dark spots on your skin.

JetPeel’s Whitening Complex 1 contains powerful whitening ingredients that act as color pigment inhibitors, instantly creating a brighter, more uniform tone.

Your JetPeel Treatment Session

With its patented jet streams technology, JetPeel boasts no incisions and no skin breakage while infusing the skin with pigment correcting serums.

JetPeel hyperpigmentation treatments are entirely non-invasive, and you can return to your day immediately after your 45-minute treatment.

IPL and Laser Pigmentation Correction in Toronto

Icon®, a game-changing version of IPL and laser technology, has pioneered innovations for safety, precision, and results when addressing dark spots and hyperpigmentation on multiple skin types.

Icon IPL hyperpigmentation treatments in Yorkville offer:

Specialized pulses of optimized light are used to target brown spots, sun damage, and vessels without damaging the surrounding skin. This new tissue will provide healthier skin that’s more even in both color and texture.

One of the most prevalent concerns with IPL is that it won’t fit all skin tones, which is why Icon has engineered the Skintel Melanin Reader. This built-in setting tracks your average melanin density in real-time, always ensuring highly safe and precise spot correction treatments.

Icon works best with a course of 1-3 treatments, after which your IPL even complexion should be long-lasting.

This powerful combination treatment treats hyperpigmentation, redness, and wrinkles all in one.

Other Treatments for Pigmentation and Brown Spots

D Luxe Lab also offers two other effective treatment methods for treating hyperpigmentation: PRP and chemical peels. Each of these methods aim to restore vibrant, even skin with a consistent tone.

Chemical Peels

Chemical your skin and replenish a more even skin tone by removing the outermost layer of your skin.

Chemical peels for hyperpigmentation in Yorkville offer:

  • Skin Rejuvenation: Because chemical peels remove the outermost layer of your skin, the results are consistent healing, brighter skin, and a more even complexion.
  • Adaptable: Chemical peels are effective hyperpigmentation treatments for people of many different skin tones. Our experts are prepared to provide the perfect chemical peel method to match your skin.
  • Comfortable Treatments: Chemical peels only take around an hour to administer. We’ll work quickly to ensure your new facial skin will be as even and blemish-free as possible.
  • Smooth Recovery: Depending on the strength of your chemical peel, you should fully heal within two weeks. You will be able to see your new, more even skin after your body naturally regenerates the newer, fresher layer of your skin.
PRP Injections

Our specialists can inject PRP into your skin to restore a more even complexion and diminish hyperpigmentation. PRP is natural, proven, and safe in treating dark spots and uneven skin tone.

PRP for dark spots in Toronto offers:

  • Natural Results: PRP boosts collagen production, which is your body’s way of creating new, fresher, and spot-free skin. Injecting PRP into your skin stimulates this process.
  • Patient Safety: Because PRP is taken from your body, there’s almost no risk of having an allergic or other reaction.
  • Convenience: Your PRP pigmentation correction treatment session will be relaxing, efficient, and should only take around 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Infrequent Treatments: After one to several injections in the first six weeks, your PRP pigmentation correction results should be long-lasting.
Your Brown Spots and Pigmentation Correction Journey with D Luxe Lab

D Luxe Lab is committed to finding the brown spots and hyperpigmentation treatment that is right for your individual needs. We’re excited to give you the best results and experience in Yorkville!

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