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What Is Liquid Butt Lift?

buttocks augmentation toronto

buttocks augmentation torontoMany people want a bigger butt yet are unwilling to undergo a surgery like Brazilian butt lift to achieve this wish. Fortunately, other less invasive options are available for similar enhancements. D Luxe Lab’s own Dr. Sean Rice is one of Canada and the world’s foremost experts on non-surgical buttocks augmentation. He is pleased to now offer the “liquid butt lift” (trademark pending) to his patients for the ultimate results.

How Does Liquid Butt Lift Work?

Dr. Rice performs liquid butt lift in under one hour. His treatment involves a series of strategic injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers. These same fillers are most often used to restore volume to facial skin that has begun to sag and wrinkle. Hyaluronic acid triggers water molecules to bond with collagen, a skin tightening protein, in the dermis. This then gives the skin a plumper, hydrated look. When injected into the backside, it creates a fuller, more voluminous butt.

What Kind of Results Does Liquid Butt Lift Provide?

Liquid butt lift is highly effective at creating larger, rounder butt cheeks instantaneously. After years of fine tuning this procedure, Dr. Rice is confident he can achieve superior results to other non-surgical butt augmentation treatments. He can also address hip dips (the indentations that some people have on the outer leg just beneath the hip bone) with these injections.

Many patients have specific requests pertaining to the shape and size of their buttocks, and Dr. Rice can customize each treatment to best meet their wishes. Some patients prefer a heart-shaped backside, while others just want plump, round cheeks.

Benefits of Choosing Liquid Butt Lift

With Brazilian butt lift, patients need a couple weeks of downtime to recover from the fat transfer surgery and must avoid putting pressure on their buttocks, which means no sitting or laying on one’s back during this extended downtime. Liquid butt lift involves none of these hassles. Not only is the treatment painless, but it requires no downtime. Patients can resume most normal activity instantly.

Some doctors use Sculptra, a poly-L-lactic acid filler, to enhance their buttocks. However, these results appear gradually over the following weeks. The hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that Dr. Rice utilizes are best for achieving instant results.

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While D Luxe Lab is not the only medical practice in Canada to offer dermal filler buttocks enhancement, it is safe to say that no other doctor has been as dedicated to studying and refining this treatment as Dr. Rice. If you’re ready to see what you look like with a derriere that fills out your jeans or swimsuit, schedule a consultation by calling (647) 660-9660.

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