Stem Cell Banking Procedure By D Luxe Lab

Stem Cell Banking by D Luxe Lab in Yorkville, Toronto

An Introduction

Stem cell banking is the process of procuring precious stem cells from the human body. These cells are processed and stored for future use in their treatments. It helps protects the stem cells from any form of degeneration and contamination. It uses low temperatures to preserve the biological properties of each individual’s cell.

We all know that aging is a bitter truth, and humans must pass through this stage. The hairs become thin, the skin becomes loose, and many other symptoms also take place when you start to age. Our cells are key to looking younger and the future of anti-aging. The emerging regenerative cell treatment lets the stem cells rejuvenate and replenish tissue, organs, muscles, and nerves. Athletes are already using the stem cell procedure for injury recovery because it is a non-invasive treatment.

Doctors use this procedure for disease prevention, and celebrities include this non-invasive process in their skincare regime. The experts use the best cells from the human hair follicles numbering 50. The abundant cell source is harvested non-invasive, containing cells like fibroblast, keratinocytes, and hair follicle stem cells. These cells have the potential to rejuvenate your skin, repair the tissues, regrow the hairs, and leverage the younger cells to stop the aging process.

Impact of Using Non-Invasive Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell banking is revolutionizing the future of regenerative medicine. It is helping people preserve their younger stem cells at the right age to use them when required. Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine is going to impact the way people age in the coming next five years.

One thing worth noting here is that you must store your younger cells only. They have regenerative potential; if you need therapy, these younger cells will significantly help you. However, there is no upper age limit for storing the cells, but the best one is stated to be 20. As we age, there is an arithmetic decline in the cellular health of the cell until the age of 60. Banking the cells as early as possible will give you plausible benefits, especially for your skin and hair rejuvenation and regrowth.

Why Use My Cell?

Most patients have this question: Why use their own cells for storage rather than the donor’s cell. If you bank your cell, there are fewer chances of getting an immune infection. People who bank donor’s cells may have to get costly immunosuppressants that can increase the risk of complications and prove unfit for most treatments.

Patients can access their frozen cells at any moment. The treatment and freezing costs depend on the Lab that provides you Stem cell banking services. check the health of these cells, DNA tests are done to get an insight into the ‘genetic make-up of the stem cells.”

Only live stem cells are collected and frozen during this process because these help in regenerative treatment. Introducing these younger cells into our body at a certain age helps replenish our skin by increasing collagen levels and boosting age hair regrowth. This regenerative non-invasive aesthetic treatment is used in the same way as injectables and serums for grafts and implants.

Where Can You Avail This Facility?

Stem cell banking is revolutionizing the whole process of future aesthetic treatments. If you still have some questions, book a consultation with D Luxe Lab experts. They are a pioneer in non-surgical treatments and will provide you with a complete insight into this procedure. Call them at (647) 660-9660.

D Luxe Lab offers various services, from acne treatment and skin rejuvenation to injectable fillers and Botox. Book our free consultation for Skin Treatment in Toronto. Our expert doctor will prescribe the proper treatment to help you achieve optimal health.

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