Meet D Luxe Lab Founder, Dema Najjar

D Luxe Lab Interior

Dema Najjar, a graduate of Rotman Business School’s MBA program, is an established tastemaker, entrepreneur, investor, and financier with a deep understanding of today’s luxury consumer and the medical spa category.

Through her previous investment in a premium, non-surgical cosmetic treatment clinic, she developed a thorough understanding of what’s required to launch a best in class offering that will exceed expectations. She knew there was an opportunity to innovate in the Canadian market. Welcome to D Luxe Lab.

Rooted in Dema’s passion to educate her clients about the benefits of taking a truly holistic approach to maintaining and enhancing appearance, our clinic strives to be a market leader by providing the best personalized aesthetic treatments combined with industry-leading products, technologies, and professionals.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon and helping you look and feel your personal best.

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