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Kick Start Your New Year with Nonsurgical Facial Procedures

Nonsurgical Treatments in Yorkville

Nonsurgical Treatments in Yorkville As we step into the new year, many patients are exploring safe and effective approaches to facial rejuvenation. Nonsurgical procedures are an excellent choice for those who want to address specific facial concerns without having to undergo surgery. The skilled experts at D Luxe Lab offer several nonsurgical facial procedures in Yorkville. Continue reading to learn more about your options.

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Did you know that injectable fillers can be successfully used to contour and refine the nose? This concept is the basis for nonsurgical rhinoplasty, also known as a liquid nose job, which is a less expensive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty can:

  • Refine the tip of the nose
  • Add volume where needed
  • Reduce nose bumps
  • Straighten a nose

The procedure takes as little as 20 to 30 minutes in-office and requires no downtime, allowing patients to jump right back into their normal activities. During the appointment, a numbing agent will first be applied to the treatment area to help you remain comfortable and pain-free. Our highly skilled injectors will inject the appropriate filler into the areas of the nose. Patients at D Luxe Lab are treated with only the most advanced liquid rhinoplasty fillers, ensuring a great result. After the procedure, you may experience some swelling; however, this only lasts a day or two and can be easily concealed with makeup.

Nonsurgical Facelift

At D Luxe Lab, patients can achieve a more youthful appearance without surgery. A nonsurgical facelift can firm up and refresh the skin through a variety of treatments, including:

Injectables: To achieve the wrinkle-smoothing effect provided by traditional facelift surgery, consider injectables. Formulas such as Botox and Dysport improve the look of stubborn lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Facial fillers: Additionally, facial fillers can add much-needed volume to areas of the face, such as the cheeks or near the mouth, resulting in a plumping effect.

Plasma injections: For a healthy glow, plasma injections are an ideal choice. This treatment involves injecting plasma, which is a product of blood, into the skin to encourage healing and tissue regeneration.

Thread lift: Sagging or lax skin can be eliminated with thread lift by silhouette. Sutures are placed into the skin to produce a visible lifting effect.

Your D Luxe Lab professional will create a custom treatment plant to address all of your cosmetic concerns.

Nonsurgical Facelift

Consult with a talented member of our team today to learn more about our nonsurgical facial treatments. Contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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