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Achieve a Younger Look with Threadlifting

Threadlifting results Toronto

Threadlifting results TorontoWith age comes wisdom and experience, but time can also rob the skin of its youthfulness and glow. Lax skin, nagging wrinkles, and stubborn fine lines begin to show up as time progresses, making you look older in the process. It can be distressing to look in the mirror and no longer see a youthful face. If you desire a younger appearance, a thread lift at D Luxe Lab can give your face the lifted, beautifully contoured look you desire in a safe and effective treatment.

About Thread Lifts

D Luxe Lab provides thread lift by Silhouette to our patients seeking a younger look. Thread lifts are inserted as part of a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that gives a lifting effect to saggy skin that has started exhibiting signs of aging. During treatment, medical-grade thread is skillfully positioned under the skin to gently pull it into a more aesthetic place. The placement of the threads also activates the body’s natural healing process, which boosts collagen production in the skin. The result is a plump, lifted, youthful effect.


Better facial contours: Thread lift can significantly improve the look of many problem areas, including the brows, neck area, jawline, and cheeks. Loose skin, especially in these delicate areas, can give away your age. The procedure gently tightens these areas for a lifted look, creating smooth, beautiful contours that you can be proud to show off.

Quick procedure: Also known as the “lunch-time facelift” thread lift is a convenient, effective treatment with little downtime associated.

Boosts collagen: Thread lifts boosts collagen production in the skin, which contributes to a plumped, glowing appearance.

No surgery required: If you are looking for a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift, thread lift can help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Experience impressive results without the downtime and recovery of traditional facelift.

Combine Treatments for Better Results

At D Luxe Lab, your thread lift procedure and treatment plan are tailored to your needs. Thread lift procedures combine nicely with other cosmetic treatments, such as LED red light therapy, allowing you to address more than one skin concern at a time. If you are after smooth, uplifted, age-defying results, combination treatments can give you the youthful look you desire.

A More Youthful You Awaits in Yorkville

Thread lift by Silhouette is designed to deliver noticeable changes in the skin, helping your face appear plumped and refreshed. Look great in pictures and feel confident interacting with others without worrying about stubborn signs of aging. To get started with a consultation, book an appointment online or call our office today.

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